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SALT BY JUICE SAUZ - 10ml 20mg

  • £4.99

Cherry Cola by Salt -  A sweet cherry cola that's irresistible!

Orange Juice by Salt -  Fresh from the squeeze, a truly authentic orange juice, juice!

Pineapple Breeze by Salt - Fresh pineapple with the perfect cool menthol touch.

Gold Rush by Salt -  Get yourself ready for the rush of smooth golden tobacco

Glacier by Salt -  Prepare yourself for the coldest menthol vape around...

Mango Passion by Salt -  A tart passionfruit complimented by a smooth, ripe mango.

Peachy by Salt -  A simple, smooth peach!

Berry Bomb by Salt -  Fresh red berries infused with aniseed and a hint of menthol.

Dragon's Dream by Salt  - Dragonfruit and blueberry smashed together in this dreamy concoction.


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