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First Edition Anodized Aluminum SCNDRL

  • £200.00

First Edition Anodized Aluminum SCNDRL The Aluminum Anodized SCNDRL Mod gets an anodizing treatment that gets bead blasted then laser etched with the classic tiger camouflage and the 1st edition SCNDRL symbolizing the aluminums first run. The logo will have a shiny gold finish. This unique design comes in an S3 (made in USA) case. The Scoundrel features a solid tube construction with a peek insulator. The innovative button housing is engineered with 12 ventilation holes that extend all the way into the battery compartment for unmatched ventilation. With 12lb neodymium magnets providing a perfect smooth throw. The beastly six point hex negative pin has a rounded contact point for minimum arcing is incredibly durable and easily assembled. The branding both on the tube and the button is milled, not lasered for better retention from cleaning over time. Cleaning is also much easier with the one-piece construction. Available in four colours:
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple

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