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League of Scoundrels - SCNDRL Mod 2nd Edition - Copper

League of Scoundrels - SCNDRL Mod 2nd Edition - Copper

  • £368.50

The League of Scoundrels has released their 2nd edition of copper hitters, and we've got them!  Just like it's predecessors, these 2nd editions have an ultra-low voltage drop coupled with unique aesthetics.  The top starts off with a recessed hybrid connection for your atomiser.  A chamfered lip along the top of the mod allows for air to flow freely through bottom airflow atomisers.  2nd editions have a straight shaft as opposed to the hourglass groove on the original SCNDRLs.  Deep League of Scoundrel engravings run along the face of the mod as well as along the bottom portion.  Finally, a magnetic button housing a rounded contact gives consistent firing that minimises arcing.  This is a limited production mod, so get yours while you can!  Once they're gone, they're GONE!



  • 27mm mod diameter, 24mm diameter within the top cap
  • Copper
  • Adjustable hybrid cap surrounded by chamferred lip
  • Deep engravings
  • Unique battery venting channels
  • Magnetic button
  • Rounded contact limits battery arcing
  • Limited production 2nd edition
  • Made in the USA

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